19 Dec. 16

Carol Ann Dougherty

“[Service, Price, Timeliness, Technician] Alex and Sandra are the Epitome of customer service, excellent in their field of plumbing, and patience to take the time to explain to the customer how to maintain their concerns so that things will be running at optimum performance.. in my case… toilets, but also guidance and educating me regarding length of time parts can last and how old my home is will determine what I might need to pay attention to next.

I have never met two people in this business who care more about servicing others in a timely fashion.

They were here the next day at the time specified; and the repair was so professionally completed .. I could feel confident with their confidence of their profession.

This Company is a true example of Professionalism that goes BEYOND expectations in today’s world ‼️

All phases of timeliness, attention to detail, workmanship, cleanliness, educating the customer and just plain old fashion Care and Concern‼️‼️

I highly recommend DOM BELLA Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs! I am so Grateful for their help to me!